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SDC Platinum Guide

A guide to using the research database SDC Platinum, a financial deal database accessed from a single computer in the Business/SPEA Information Commons.

A Search for Deals in Mergers & Acquisitions

The Mergers & Acquisitions dataset contains data on U.S. Targets (1979 to present), and Non U.S. targets (1985 to present).

Let's say that we wanted to find a list of all the U.S. software companies bought by U.S. firms from 1/1/2010 - 12/31/2012. Here are the steps in SDC Platinum to execute that search:



  • Choose a dataset (Mergers & Acquisitions) and click OK.



  • Choose a date range and click OK



  • The Search Items box automatically pops up. Add search criteria to narrow the search. For this search, I want the acquiror company to be a U.S. company. In the Search Items box, under the Company tab, I would scroll down to "Acquiror Nation" and double click. The Acquiror nation box appears, allowing me to select a country:



  •  I also want to limit the search to just software companies.  Again, from the Search Items box, under the Company tab, I would select "Target Primary SIC" (SIC-Standard Industrial Code-this lets you screen for companies in a certain industry.)



  • There are other tabs in the search box and many other available search criteria.  For example, if we wanted to specify a deal value range, we could find that in the Search Items box under the Deal tab.  Under the All Items tab there are hundreds of other search criteria. Every time an item is added to the search, it appears on the screen. Our search looks like this so far:



  • Now we are done formulating the search and want to Execute.  Click on the Execute icon with the red check mark at the top of the page. While the search is executed, you will see a screen that looks like this.  Also note the little red and green boxes flickering in the bottom right of the screen.  Sometimes, during a large and time consuming search, that is the only indication you have that something is happening. 



  • Once the search is done its time to choose the output.  There are several report options.  To completely customize a report, click on the word Report at the very top of the screen.  To use a standard, ready-made report format, click on the Report button at the top.  The Standard report box appears, with different Brief and Comprehensive report options: 



    • I selected the "Brief Financials Report" and that is now added to the list of search criteria:




  •  Now, while the Standard Report choice is in blue, click again on the Execute button. You will see a box on the screen indicating that a report is being generated.  When the report is finished it will automatically appear on the page as a text file.  Select Save from the top of the page.  Give your file a name.  The default save directory is: Computer>C>SDC>>Platinum>USR.  The report will look like this: