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SDC Platinum Guide

A guide to using the research database SDC Platinum, a financial deal database accessed from a single computer in the Business/SPEA Information Commons.

Logging In


SDC Platinum is accessible from only one computer in the Business/SPEA Library. Access is limited to IU Bloomington students and staff; there is no guest access.  Ask someone at the reference desk to take you to the machine and login with your regular IU username and password.  Launch SDC from the desktop icon, and you will be asked to enter User Initials.  This is actually a password that will have to be entered by a reference staff member.  You will also be asked to enter a Project Description.  Enter anything you like here, but you must enter something.  A message stating "Initializing Host" will appear. Once connected, you will see this screen:

We subscribe to three of the databases you see on this screen:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Global New Issues
  • VentureXpert


Search Basics

There are 4 elements of a search in SDC Platinum. This is a summary of the search process: 

  1. Choose a dataset; click ok
  2. Choose a date range; click ok
  3. Add criteria to narrow your search. There are many searchable fields in multiple categories.  Once all desired search criteria have been selected, click on the Execute button at the top of the screen.  Wait while the search is executed.  This may take some time, depending on the scope of the search.  If the small red and green boxes at the bottom right of the screen are flickering, your search is still being executed.  Wait.
  4. Choose a type of output. The choices are: a report, league table or an analysis. Click on the desired option at the top of the screen.  You will be able to name your report.  When the report is generated, it will be available as a .txt file and can be found in this directory:  Computer>C>SDC>>Platinum>USR

For more detailed search instructions, choose either the "Search for Deals" tab, the "Make a League Table" tab, or the "More Help Resources" tab where you will find links to video tutorials.