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Artists' Books Resources

How to Construct Artists' Books

Handmade books : a step-by-step guide to crafting your own book by Kathy Blake.  MA: Bulfinch Press, 1997.  A beginner's guide to making books, this book discusses the necessary equipment and procedures to make scrolls, accordion books, bound single sheets, albums, portfolios, single-signature and multi-signature soft and hard cover books.

 Non-Adhesive Binding by Keith Smith. NY: Keith A. Smith, 1993. This 4 volume set is and advance guide to creating both simple and very complex book sindings with basic hand tools.  It includes a glossary and a list of suppliers, publications, organizations, and institutions of interest to the book artist.

Books, Boxes, and Wraps by Marilyn Webberley and JoAn Forsyth.  WA: Bifocal Publications, 1995.  A sourcebook including clear instructions and numerous illustrations for creating many non-traditional book forms by hand.

Pop-up! : a manual of paper mechanisms by Duncan Birmingham. Herts : Tarquin, 2006.  True pop-ups are based on "V-Folds", the "Parallelogram" and the "45 degree folds".   This book covers the basics.

Creating Handmade Books by Alisa Golden.  NY: Sterling Publishing Co., 1998.  This book covers Cut and Folded books, simple sewing techniques, Jacob's ladders, soft and hard covers, and portfolios and boxes.