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Artists' Books Resources

Anthologies and Sourcebooks

Artists' Books : The Books as a Work of Art by Stephen Bury.  England: Scolar Press, 1995.  This book explores the history of artists' involvement with the book format in the 20th century and provides historical, philosophical and artistic background for practitioners. 

The Century of Artists' Books by Johanna Drucker NY: Granary Books, 2004.  Provides a thorough overview of the history of the artists' book.  Includes chapters about early artists' books, the book form, as well as the ways in which artists have explored the book form as a means of communication.

The Cutting Edge of Reading : Artists' books byRenne Riese Hubert and Judd David Hubert.  NY: Granary Books, 1999.  This volume expands the work initiated by Hubert in Surrealism and the Book (University of California Press, 1987) by focusing critical attention on recent and contemporary artists' books.

Artists' Books: A Critical Survey of the Literature by Stefan Klima.  NY: Granary Books, 1998. A guide to writings on artists' books with five essays exploring a range of topics.

Artists' Books: Critical Anthology and Sourcebook by Joan Lyons.  NY: Visual Studies Workshop, 1985.  An anthology of writings by observers and participants in the artists' books field.  These writings explore the origins and attributes of artists' books, note who produces and publishes them, and give locations of artists' books collections.

The Book Maker's Desire : Writings on the Art of the Book by Buzz Spector.  CA: Umbrella Editions, 1995.  The author discusses the book works of  many artists, including Anselm Kiefer and Margaret Wharton, and includes several topical essays on the arts of the book.