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Using eBooks at Indiana University

About Ebook Central

Ebook Central is a large digital library that houses over 700,000 scholarly eBooks. Many of the eBooks you find in IUCAT will be available through Ebook Central. Take the time to familiarize yourself with Ebook Central's rules and restrictions by reading the following information below:

  • Whether or not simultaneous users can access a title varies by book. Below the title, look for availability. Many titles will say either "Your institution has unlimited access to this book" or "Your institution has access to one copy of this book." 
  • To use all of the features Ebook Central offers, be sure to sign in. 
  • The table of contents for each book provides navigation and searching within a book is available.
  • The copy and print limits on most Ebook Central books are based on the following percentage of the number of pages in the book:
    • Online allowances: you can copy 15% of the book and print 30% of the book
    • Offline allowances: you can copy 10% of the book and print 10% of the book
    • A few publishers have set more restrictive limits for copying and printing. Such restrictions will be noted on each title accordingly.
  • To download the entire book for 14 days, you will need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed.
  • Not all titles are available to download; books will say "not available for full download" if this is the case.
  • You can return a book early by clicking on "release this title" 
  • Export to EndNote is available 

This libguide from ProQuest shows all the special functions that Ebook Central offers.
If you have problems downloading or opening a book in Adobe Digital Editions, ProQuest offers this troubleshooting page.