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Using eBooks at Indiana University

Getting Started

An eBook is an electronic or digital book that is available for reading on your computer (desktop or laptop), tablet, or mobile device.  

The IU Libraries provide access to eBooks from several different vendors.  Each vendor makes eBooks available through their own unique platform.  For example, below are two images of the same title as it appears in two different eBook platforms.

Ebook Central (ProQuest):

EBSCO eBook Collection:

A vendor makes a title available based on licensing agreements made with the book’s publisher.

The features available on different eBook platforms vary, and in some cases you may be required to create a free account with a vendor to access all the features on their platform.

Some variable features include:

  • printing  (The number of pages you can print may vary, and may be limited by copyright laws.)
  • downloading (How much you can download and how long you can keep the download may vary.)

Some eBooks are only available to one reader at a time (as when the library purchases just one copy of the print edition of a book).  Others may be available to more than one reader at a time (as when the library is able to purchase multiple copies of a print book).  Some eBooks allow unlimited simultaneous readers.

Access to library e-resources is limited to the campus (or campuses) that paid for the resource.  (For example, if IU Kokomo purchased access to an eBook, but IU Bloomington did not, IU Bloomington students, faculty and staff will not be able to read that e-book.)  The IUCAT record for an eBook will indicate which campuses have access.

E-resources are not available through interlibrary loan.

If you encounter any problems with an eBook, you can contact the Scholars’ Commons Reference Desk or fill out the "Report an Access Problem" form for help.