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SOAD W250 Design Methods

Research Tools

Where to Search for Books

Method What's there
Why use it
IUCAT Books, journals, maps, etc. already at IU (both physical copies and e-resources).  Covers most topics, materials often immediately available.
Worldcat Books, journals, maps, etc. that may or may not be at IU. Covers all topics, can find material regardless whether IU happens to own it.
Interlibrary Loan Use this service to order materials that are unavailable at IU (either because IU doesn't own it or it is checked out). Use alongside Worldcat or when you don't find a book, journal, etc. in IUCAT.
Google Books
Books and journals that Google has scanned from many Library collections. Many items are available only in preview or snippet view.
Ideal for journals and books in the public domain (usually published before 1923). Preview can help locate particularly useful sections.
Hathitrust Scanned books and journals, often the same materials as Google Books Navigation is often more cumbersome than Google Books, but locating specific journal issues is often easier.


Here are the top six recommended databases for architecture research.  For further options, look at the Specialized Databases page. 

Scholarly journals, including those that publish peer-reviewed articles, are a major source of scholarly communication about architecture.  

Use the checkbox in these databases to limit your search results to only scholarly articles or peer-reviewed articles.

The databases below provide a wide variety of images of architecture.  Printed books are often the best source of images when looking for a specific artwork; use IUCAT to look for books about the architect or architectural style. Find directions for citing images in the Image Citation: Formats and Best Practices guide.

The following databases provide streaming films.