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Census Maps

1940 and 1950 Census maps for the United States.

1940 Census Tract Maps

1940 Census Tracts

These maps come from 16th census of the United States, 1940. Population and housing. Statistics for census tracts, [city]. The print copies are held in the ALF in three volumes: Akron - Duluth - , and Oaklahoma City - .

Front Matter

All volumes contain the same front matter, reproduced here.


Clicking on the names will bring up the map. Clicking on the book icon will bring up the full text in the HathiTrust.


New York

Statistics for Health Areas

Population: Supplement to the First Series Bulletin for New York 

New York was divided into Census tracts and Health Areas, both divisions of which are displayed on the maps. Because it can be difficult to tell where the boundaries of the Health Areas are, we have created a version of the map with Health Areas picked out in red.

Bronx :

  • Map 1 2
  • Augmented Map 1 2

Brooklyn (We also have Housing: Supplement to the First Series Housing Bulletin for New York: Brooklyn Borough, New York City, Block Statisitcs):

  • Map 1 2 3
  • Augmented Map 1 2 3


  • Map 1 2
  • Augmented Map 1 2



  • Map 1 2 3
  • Augmented Map 1 2 3