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Perspectives on Identity and Identification: Highlights from IU's 2022 Themester

Guide spotlighting materials from participating Themester courses. See the companion exhibit in the Wells Library lobby after October 19, 2022.

Human Dilemmas: Genetics and Eugenics

HUBI-B 300 | Dr. Andrew Libby and Dr. Jennifer Cullin

Eugenics, the social philosophy and scientific practices that define human worth in terms of genetic fitness, is one of the most controversial and problematical doctrines in the history of science. The eugenics movement originated in the United Kingdom in the late nineteenth century, spreading to many other countries and becoming particularly enmeshed with the persecution of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. The materials on this page examine eugenics through a literary lens, tackling a range of practices aimed at engineering various forms of genetic "fitness" and their implications for human identity.

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