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Beyond the Canon: A Guide for Finding Diverse Composers and Repertoire

Under Construction!

General Resources

Composers Equity Project: Chamber Music America

Institute for Composer Diversity: coming soon

Library of Congress Performing Arts Research Guides: Our national library, the Library of Congress, has created numerous LibGuides listing internal and online resources for finding underrepresented music and its sources. Be sure to checkout in particular their guides on American Women Composers, Black Composers, Early American Sacred Music, Latin American Composers, and LGBTQ+ Performing Arts Resources.

Diversity in Gender Identity

Digging Deeper into Music, Old and New

B.R.A.H.M.S. Database on Contemporary Music: Hosted by the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM), this website includes short biographies, stylistic analyses, lists of works, and scholarly resources on numerous contemporary composers. Its focus is on European composers, especially those connected to spectral or electro-acoustic music. Users can keyword search by composer name or composition title, or browse alphabetically, by year of birth, or by nationality. Some text is available only in French.

The Historic New Orleans Collection: Well-known as the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans has had a long and often overlooked musical history, beginning in the nineteenth century when it was the operatic capital of the United States. Also find print and audio resources on Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Basile Barès, Jelly Roll Morton, and many others when you browse the public catalog of The Historic New Orleans Collection or visit their Williams Research Center in the historic French Quarter.

I Care If You Listen: coming soon

Mexico City Cathedral Archive: includes digitized manuscripts

Moravian Music Foundation: The Moravians were some of the United States' first and finest composers, active mainly from 1760 to 1840. Including composers like Johann Friedrich Peter, John Antes, and Johannes Herbst, the American Moravians wrote sacred choral music, instrumental sonatas, and symphonies. The Moravian Music Foundation with offices in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Winston-Salem, North Carolina publishes and lends scores. In addition to physical archives, numerous resources are also available online.

Música Colonial Archive: coming soon

Muddle Instead of Music: Indiana University alumnus Matt Ertz introduces contemporary classical music on this streaming radio program. With nearly 300 episodes, including new episodes aired most Mondays, the focus is decidedly avant-garde and experimental. Those new to new music will discover a wealth of unfamiliar sounds as will those already engaged with contemporary music.

New Music USA: coming soon

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