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Games & Gaming @ IUB

IU Courses Related to Themester

On occasion, gaming courses will be offered in conjunction with IU's Themester.  We will make every attempt to include that information here.  If you know of other courses being taught, please send us an email.  2022's theme is "Identity and Identification."

Fall 2022

Video Game Narratives


Days and Times  TuTh 11:30 AM–12:45 PM

Course Description

Video games are relative newcomers as narrative vehicles yet play an increasingly
prevalent role in American culture and as a communicative media. This course interrogates what stories are possible through and as video games. Under that lens, we will examine how video games perpetuate, challenge, or complicate ideas of race and identity in the United States. This course will introduce students some of the foundational skills in literary and textual analysis and consider what the medium might hold for the future of narrative.

Multiple course titles or topics are listed under this course number; choose section 31879 with A Varon.

Instructor: Dr. Alberto Varon