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Housing Insecurity

Resources for students experiencing housing insecurity in Bloomington.

Support Services at Indiana University

There are a wide variety of support services at Indiana University and a large portion of these services are free to students. Click the tabs to learn more about the support services provided by your university. If you are unsure of which service may be right for you, consider starting at the Division of Student Affairs.

Having an emergency?

Students can contact IU's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 24/7 to speak to a crisis counselor at (812) 855-5711 or call 911 for Emergency Services

You may also contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-274-8255.

IU Resources

The Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is designed to keep students safe, healthy, and prepared for their educational journey. Offices under their purview include: Emergency Financial Assistance for students, Dean of Students, Student Advocates, Disability Services, Veteran and Military Services, Sexual Violence Support, Student Legal Services, and Crimson Cupboard Food Pantry.


Unsure of what service may be right for you? Consider starting at the Division of Student Affairs. The office's trained staff can help point you to the resources available at Indiana University for students who experience homelessness.

Student Legal Services (SLS)

Established in 1971, Student Legal Services provides free, confidential legal services for the students of Indiana University Bloomington. Licensed Attorneys and legal interns will give consultation on a wide variety of legal topics and, if needed, represent a student in court for most civil (non-criminal) cases. Student Legal Services is funded by only $9 of the Student Activity Fee, and usually the only out-of-pocket expenses for our student clients are court fees. (Consult Emergency Financial Aid for Students if you would need help for any expenses.)


How It Works:

  1. Tell the office about your legal issue
    1. Either by online form, phone call, or stop in person to schedule an appointment
  2. SLS will determine how best they can assist you.
  3. SLS will provide a consultation about your options.


Contact Student Legal Services:

  • Phone: 812-855-7867
  • Email:
  • Address: 312 N Park Ave #310, Bloomington IN 47408

The Crimson Cupboard Food Pantry

The Crimson Cupboard is Indiana University's food pantry designed to support students and any Indiana University affiliates experiencing food insecurity. The pantry is stocked weekly by Hoosier Hills Food Bank and staffed by volunteers. Crimson Cupboard will never ask students for financial information.  If students aren't able to find certain materials they're looking for, the trained staff at the Crimson Cupboard will be able to direct the student to other resources in the area. In a new program, students will be able to donate left over mail points to their fellow students when they will be able to redeem these donated points at either McNutt or Forest Eateries. 


How It Works:

  1. Visit Crimson Cupboard at Campus View Apartments
  2. Sign In/ Complete an Intake form
    1. At students' first visit to the pantry, students will complete a simple client form, which asks for general personal and demographic information. At each following visit, Crimson Cupboard will ask for your name.
  3. Shop
    1. It is recommended that students only visit the pantry once a week, so the pantry can meet the needs of all patrons.
  4. Complete


Though the Crimson Cupboard suggests you bring your own reusable bag, bags will also be provided to any visitor to the Cupboard.


Contact the Crimson Cupboard Food Pantry:

  • Phone: 812-855-1924
  • Email:
  • Address: Campus View Apartments 800 N. Union Street, Bloomington, IN 47406

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS gives students the opportunity to talk confidentially to trained, professional staff. All counseling services are provided by phone/video and in-person visits for some types of service. CAPS also provides a variety of different programs all aimed at supporting the mental health of Indiana University Students like Health Insurance 101, WellTrack, Graduate Student Support, Recorded Workshops, LGBTQ+ Support, and Health Answers.  Services include Individual counseling, couples counseling, group counseling, video counseling, psychiatric care, sexual assault crisis center, Coalition for Overcoming Problem Eating/exercise, Let's Talk, consultation for concerned parties, and ADHD Screening.

Make an Appointment

Students may schedule 30-minute virtual visits with a counselor by calling 812-855-5711.


Contact CAPS:

  • Phone: 812-855-5711
  • Address: 600 N Jordan Ave, Bloomington IN 47405

Student Advocates

Established in 1981, Student Advocates are retired IU faculty and staff members who volunteer their time and expertise to assist students in resolving academic, financial, and conduct problems. Advocates provide nonjudgemental, unconditional support and mentorship to students  and help to resolve problems in a student's life so the student can maintain progress toward their degree. Mentors may help students with many different issues including; academic issues, financial issues, responding to misconduct charges, submit a care referral, change or appeal a grade, or withdraw from all course.


Contact the Student Advocate Office:

  • Phone: 812-855-0761
  • Email:
  • Address: Eigenmann Hall West 225, 1900 E. Tenth Street, Bloomington, IN 47406

Emergency Financial Assistance for Students

If you’re experiencing unexpected financial hardship, the Student Advocates Office may be able to provide limited emergency funding (up to $500) for expenses such as; flying home for a death in the family or severe weather causing an unusually high utility bill.


To apply for Emergency Funding, submit an application at the website below. Write for any questions or to request  a previously submitted application to be reviewed for a spring award. To get emergency funding, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and go through our application process.


Contact them:

  • email:

Concerned about the safety of a student? Submit a Care Referral

If you are worried about yourself, your student, or your friend, please consider filling out a Care Referral. This form alerts the school that a student may need assistance and will ensure the Division of Student Affairs will make it a priority to help the student to get them the support they need.