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LibGuides as a Content Tool for Librarians at Indiana University - Bloomington

This research presentation seeks to answer questions regard how academic librarians at IU - Bloomington utilize the platform, as well as areas for advancement.

About Author

Everett Hays (he/him/his) is a graduate Library and Information Science student at Indiana Univeristy - Purdue University Indianapolis. His academic interests include, user experience within libraries, and libraries as systems for broadening education. In addition to serving as a part-time contributor with Indiana University Libraries, Everett is middle grade English, Science, and History teacher.


For this research endeavor, Everett Hays collaborated with the Department of User Experience at Indiana University Bloomington to conduct a survey and analysis on how LibGuides are being employed, utilized, and managed by the library faculty with the overarching intent to establish a foundation for how such a system might be developed for future users.