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LGBTQ+ primary sources in University collections

Relevant University Archives collections

Bicentennial Oral History Project

The Indiana University Bicentennial Oral History Project began in 2008 with volunteers from the Office of the President and Indiana University Archives interviewing alumni from IU Bloomington. The project was staffed through the Office of the Bicentennial in 2016 and expanded to interviewing alumni, faculty, and staff at all Indiana University campuses. The mission of this project is to record, preserve, and make available to future generations the memories and experiences of IU alumni, faculty, and staff university-wide. Capturing an institutional history of IU that is not written solely from the perspective of administrators, with a focus on documenting underrepresented voices, helps to provide a better understanding of the broader history of Indiana University.

When searching through Oral Histories, the following search terms yield the best results: LGBTQ, Gay, and Lesbian. 

Here are some featured interviews: