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COLL C104 Opinions, Beliefs, and Truth: Psychology & Neuroscience

This guide provides information about library services and specific resources to support learning about topics within psychology and neuroscience.

Locating Materials

General Searching (Multi-Disciplinary) Databases

These resources are helpful when searching for information broadly to find out more about a topic or when a research question is multi-disciplinary. These databases are best to start with when you begin information seeking. 

Psychology Databases

These databases provide information specific to the field of psychology. PsycINFO is one of the most popular psychology databases IU Libraries has access to, but there are plenty of other tools listed below.

Resources A-Z

Are you interested in seeing all resources available through IU Libraries? Check out the A-Z list:
Things to keep in mind:
  • E-Books can only be accessed if the link says "IU Bloomington" or "All Campus Access"
  • Request delivery allows you to borrow books from other campuses or branch libraries (Education, Neal-Marshall, etc.) and have books delivered to one convenient location. You can request delivery once you are logged into IUCAT.
  • Renewing books is as simple as logging into IUCAT and clicking "My Account" and "Renew."

Sample Psychology & Neuroscience books from IU Libraries

Trade publications are neither considered academic or popular; they are resources written for those who work in a specific industry. These publications tend to publish news, statistics, trends and other information relevant to their industry. Authors can be staff editors, journalists, practitioners or academics in the field. They made be published by trade or professional associations. Articles may be short and may not include references, or not nearly as many references as scholarly journal articles. 
Examples of trade publications include: 
Monitor on Psychology
The Psychologist
The Scientific Mind

Some databases offer Trade Publications as a format. You can select this format to limit results. This image is from OneSearch@IU, one of the interdisciplinary databases provided by the libraries.
Can't find what you're looking for? Luckily Document Delivery Services (DDS) and Inter-Library (ILL) Loan can help! 
Articles and books from other non-IU libraries can be borrowed for free. Articles will be digitally sent as PDF files to your email and books are delivered and picked up from Wells Library. 

Need to make a request? 
  • Fill out this form to request an entire work (book, microfilm, microform, entire conference proceedings, music score, dissertation, CD, video)
  • Fill out this form to request an article within a larger work (Journal article; Anthology chapter; segment from the proceedings of a conference)

This video walks through completing an InterLibrary Loan request

Are you experiencing technical difficulties with an online resource?

Send an email to Amy and a technical support ticket will be issued to resolve the problem!