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COLL C104 Opinions, Beliefs, and Truth: Psychology & Neuroscience

This guide provides information about library services and specific resources to support learning about topics within psychology and neuroscience.

IU Libraries

This quick video provides a general overview about the services located in the Herman B Wells Library. It also shares some of the branch libraries located throughout campus. 


Note: The Disability Services Office is now the Accessible Educational Services Office and the new location is in Eigenmann Hall, #001 1900 E 10th St.


The Libraries' website is: 

Herman B Wells Library

The Herman B Wells Library is the main library on campus. It's located at the corner of 10th Street and Jordan. Here's link to the building and collections directory, which will tell you what's on each floor. If you're looking for a book you've found in the library catalog, a map of the stacks will help you locate it. 
Some useful services to know about:
  • The main reference desk is located on the ground floor of the East Tower. Typically you can ask questions in person here. Currently services are offered remotely. You can visit the Libraries' website to call, email, or IM for help
  • For in-depth research help, you can make a free appointment with a Research Assistant
  • To check out a book, there are circulation points in each tower.
  • The UITS Help Desk is located on the ground floor of the West Tower.
  • The Writing Center is located on the ground floor of the West Tower. 
  • Any questions can be answered through one of the service points listed here
  • Wells Library has other notable services such as Media Services (media, dvds, games), a cafeteria and coffee shop, and large format printing. Food services are offered through the GrubHub app.

Reserving Spaces

Check out the various rooms and study spaces available throughout the Herman B Wells Library as well as the branch libraries here: