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HIST H220 American Military History

A guide to help students complete their primary source analysis in Prof. Cullather's American Military History class


Books and e-books:

This page helps you find books and e-books using IUCAT, a catalog of all the books, newspapers, magazines, videos, musical scores, etc. at IU. It will focus on e-books, though, since most of you will probably be unable or reluctant to go to a physical IU library this semester.
Books (whether in print or e-books) can be either primary sources or secondary sources, so make sure you have a good understanding of the difference before you start searching.
If you'd like more information about e-books, there is another guide that contains far more extensive information.
Although the examples listed below are not about American military history, the process of finding and reading an ebook is the same.
I highly encourage you to watch the video tutorial below.

eBooks in IUCAT

eBooks can be accessed via IUCAT, the Indiana University Libraries' online catalog. If an item has the "online resource" icon in its format, then it is an eBook:


To access eBooks through IUCAT, click on the item's title and then click on the [BLOOMINGTON] URL in the item's full record:


This will bring up a new page with a link to access the book through its digital library:


After clicking that link, you will be redirected to the eBook itself. In the case of this book, you can read online, download, and view the table of contents. Also make sure to check the book's availability, as some eBook vendors have more restrictive usage rights.