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Gender Studies

The study of gender as a fundamental category of social and cultural analysis.


In addition to the journals listed below, you can browse IUCAT for journals and periodicals related to your topic of interest. Try selecting the 'Journal, Periodical' filter in your search or browsing by ISSN. You can also look at subject headings, some of which will focus specifically on periodicals. Find subject headings by searching in the 'Browse' tab or by scrolling down on a catalog record to the Subject Headings section. Try starting with these subject headings:

In this section we are focusing both on academic (peer-reviewed) journal and non-academic publishing including newspapers, magazines, self-published works, zines, and independent presses.

For more academic journals, consult the following:

Academic Journals

Women's Health

LGBTQ+ Health

Sexual Health


Newspaper & Periodical Databases

If you are looking for access to additional newspapers, consult the following guides:

We have also curated a selection of newspapers and periodicals in the following box. For more collections of newspapers and periodicals, consult the following:

Additionally, see the following articles for more information on gender and sexuality coverage by newspapers and periodicals:

Selected Newspapers and Periodicals