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Gender Studies

The study of gender as a fundamental category of social and cultural analysis.

Campus & Community Resources for Women & LGBTQ+ people

Campus Resources

  • Black Women & Tech
    Black Women & Technology is dedicated to promoting the academic, career, and social advancement of Black and other minority women at Indiana University. Together, we aim to increase the representation of women of color across a myriad of fields, particularly within the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. All programming initiatives are designed to foster empowerment, support, community engagement, mentorship, and access to professional networking opportunities while enhancing technical skills.
  • Center of Excellence for Women & Technology (CEWiT)
    As the nation’s first and only large-scale interdisciplinary, university-based initiative, CEWiT strives to encourage and promote the participation, empowerment, and achievement of women students, faculty, staff, and alumnae with technology tools and skills.
  • Indiana University LGBTQ+ Center
    Cultural Center at IU Bloomington that serves LGBTQ+ members of the campus community. Through the LGBTQ+ Culture Center, students will find a safe and welcoming learning environment that provides resources and support to help students successfully reach their educational goals.
  • LGBTQ+ Center Library
    The LGBTQ+ Library offers an expansive collection of resources and materials for both research and entertainment purposes. The Library's searchable online catalog allows patrons to find materials by keyword, author, or title.
  • LGBTQ+ Student Groups at IU
    Directory of student groups and networks, maintained by the LGBTQ+ Culture Center
  • LGBTQ+ Care @ IU Health Center
    Portal of information and services for the LGBTQ+ community, at the Student Health Center at IU Bloomington
  • Indiana University Department of Gender Studies
    Website for the IU Bloomington Department of Gender Studies
  • Initiative for the Advancement of Women Faculty
    The Initiative for the Advancement of Women Faculty will support new opportunities for leadership development, provide individual consultation with faculty, and work to maintain an inclusive and productive climate for all faculty.  This initiative will also pursue external grant opportunities that provide additional support for efforts to increase inclusion and provide a visible point of contact for women faculty to assist them in navigating challenges and opportunities.

Community Resources

  • Bloomington PRIDE
    Bloomington PRIDE, Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Bloomington, Indiana. We are entirely volunteer powered and support a range of LGBTQ+ programs and events, including the Prism Youth Community, LGBT Aging & Caring Network, Trans and Allies Support Community, PRIDE Film Festival, Pridefest summer celebration, and PrideSlam poetry competition. 
  • Prism Youth Community
    A program of Bloomington PRIDE, Prism Youth Community trains both youth and adult groups on LGBTQ+ issues in Bloomington, around the state of Indiana, and across the Midwest, providing support and education with weekly meetings, special events, community-wide events, and field trips.
  • Middle Way House
    Local organization supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.