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A Guide to the Life and Work of Paul H. O'Neill

Recommended information resources related to the life and work of the celebrated policymaker, corporate officer and philanthropist.




Congressional Documents

Discover more congressional documents related to Mr. O'Neill by searching "Paul H O'Neill" in the following library resources:


Public Policy Reporting, Opinion and Commentary


Company Information

Search the following databases to discover company news, history, corporate officers, SWOT analysis, and more. Use terms "International Paper Company" and "Alcoa," respectively.

Business News and Commentary

Health Sector

Health Initiatives

Reporting and Commentary on O'Neill in Healthcare Industry


2009 Address to Healthcare CEOs (sponsored by The Tennessee Hospital Association and BlueCross Blue Shield of Tennessee)

Meet the Press

The following videos are available to stream to IU-Bloomington students and faculty. You will need to log-in via the Central Authentication System (CAS) in order to view this content.

Lecture at Indiana University