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Have You Been Cited?

Surces H - O

HathiTrust Digital Library
Set search to Full-text, Full view only
Search examples:
"kermode, frank"
"goodwin, doris"
"Barbara tuchman"
"ferrell, robert h."
"robert h. ferrell"
The forms of the author name will vary, depending on the citation style used
Select an item from the list of results
Use "Search in this text"
Enter the author name (or a part of it, as simply a last name) in the "Search in this text" search box and click on Find
The book search will return all the pages on which the author is mentioned, including text, notes, index, citations, and bibliography

Hein Online
Search in the items under Law Journal Library
Go to Advanced Search
Select Field Search: Author/creator
Use a last name or do a "phrase search"
Search examples:
Gill, Barbara
To the right of the results retrieved you will see cited by [number] articles
Click on it to see a list of articles that have cited your search result(s)

Historical Abstracts (EBSCO)
In the blue bar at the top, click on Cited References
* Same procedure as Academic Search

Select Advanced Search from the band at the top of the screen
Enter your author name in the general search box "Search Ingenta Connect" and then select author from the "Search by" drop- down menu
Search examples:
Engs, R. C.
Engs, ruth
Jenny Safran
Saffran, Jenny
"jenny Saffran"
Oakes, Lisa
Oakes, Lisa M.
[You may have to search variants of the author's name; you may see references unrelated to your author; and quotation marks do not necessarily help]
Click Search
Click on the title(s) in the result(s) list
Below the bibliographic information you will see:
Abstract References Citations Supplementary Data Article Media Metrics Suggestions
Click on Citations
Note: not all records will have citations. (articles must be "on the Ingenta Connect platform.")
You could set the Search box: "Search for" to "Article full text" and search an authors name. After you click on an item, go to References and look for a journal reference, meaning you need to know where the author's works appeared. Not all results will include references, either.

Go to Advanced Search
Search using: All fields
Search examples:
"Ferrell, Robert H."
"Robert H. Ferrell"
"Ferrell, R. H"
"R. H. Ferrell"
"Ferrell 1994"
"Ferrell, Robert H."
"doris Kearns goodwin"

Set search to References in the dropdown menu
You can search by author name in references, but the entries by author name do vary in the articles.
Search examples:
Hunter, G.
Kramer, P.H.
Kibble, T.W.B.
C. Doran
S.M. Barnett
J.C. Maxwell
Martin Karplus
Maxwell, James Clerk

Medline (OVID)
Go to Advanced Search
Set search to Author
Enter Author's last name, a space, and first initial if known
You will a list of names
Check the name(s) you want and click on Search for Selected Terns (above your list)
You will see a list of articles by your author
Select an item
To the right under Tools you will see "Find Citing References"
Click on "Find Citing References"

Medline (WoS)
Use the basic search
In the first search box enter your author's name
Search examples:
hennessy av
goodwin d*
Set drop-down menu to author
Choose an iten from the list of results
You will see a numer (onthe right under Citation Neywork) and Times Cited
Click on the number
You will retrieve the citing articles
Set the drop down menu to author first
Beneath the search box you will see box: Select from Index
lick on it
Use the Author Index and its Browse feature to locate authors to add to your query.
Transfer your selected author(s) below to the Author field on the search page.
Click on OK
Choose an iten from the list of results
You will see a number (on the right under Citation Network) and Times Cited
Click on the number
You will retrieve the citing articles

Microsoft Academic
In the general search box, search by author name (no quotes) or an exact name in quotation marks
(The program may promp you for a name)
You may also search title and for exact titles, enclose the title in quotation marks
Search examples:
Goodwin, Doris Kearns
In the list of titles by your author, you may click on: [number] citations, to the top right of the bibliographic information section
You may click on the title to open more of a view and look down to the tab: CITED BY

Nature Online Journals
Go to Advanced search
Search your author in the box: where the list of authors contains
Search examples:
"pauling, Linus"
Arnold, Frances
Frances H Arnold
In the list of results, click on an item
In the record, Click on Metrics
Click on Web of Science
Click on CrossRef
You will see lists of citing articles

Nexis Uni
At the top, select All Nexis Uni
In the box "Enter terms, sources, companies, or citatins" enter your author name
"robert a. bork"
"robert bork"
"Robert h. Ferrell"
"susan sontag"
Results will be shown in various categories, including news and law reviews

Oxford Academic Journals (Oxford Journals Archive)
Use the search box: All Journals (also available by choosing Advanced Search)
Enter the name of your author
Search examples:
"doris kearns goodwin"
"goodwin, doris kearns"
"robert h. ferrell"
You will see a list of items in which the author you searched in mentioned
Open a title to confirm exact citation
*You may use filters to modify your search after searching or use advanced search to limit before searching