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Have You Been Cited?

Sources A - C

ABI/Inform (ProQuest)
Go to Advanced Search
Use the drop down menu to change from Anywhere to References and choose an option.
Or simply use References-REF
Searches will retrieve the exact phrase you enter (use the quotation marks)
Search examples:
"Ferrell, R. H."
"Ferrell, Robert H."
"Robert H. Ferrell"

Academic Search EBSCO
Select "Cited References" from blue band at top
In the box for Cited Author, type your author name
Search examples:
engs, ruth c.
In the list of items by the author you searched mark the checkboxes in front of each or select which references you want
(Not all items will have the check box)
Click on Find Citing Articles.
You will find a list of items citing the author
*You are searching all EBSCO databases with the cited author search no matter which of the EBSCO databases you may be using; results, then, will be the same for any given author in any database cited author search

ACM Digital Library
Go to Advanced Search
In the box labelled "Where", set the drop-down menu to Author
Search an author by last name only
Use refine by people (on the left) and select "Authors"
From the list select the author you are searching for by clicking on the name
In the list of results , click on an item Beneath the bibliographic information you will see a band of options
Click on the tab "CITED BY"

America: History and Life (EBSCO)
In the blue band at the top, select Cited References
*Same procedure as Academic Search

Annual Reviews [Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology]
Go to Advanced Search
In the first drop-down box select Author Cited
In the search box type in your author's last name and the initial of the first name (e.g., smith, w)
You will see articles that cite the author you have searched
Search examples:
Saffran, J
thiessen, e
Thiessen, ED
*Note: the full text of articles is not available for all years

Go to Advanced Search
In the drop-down menu choose Author
Enter the author name
Using the Author(s) field produces best results for author name searches.
For the most precise name search, follow surname(s), forename(s) or surname(s), initial(s) pattern: example Hawking, S or Hawking, Stephen
For best results on multiple author names, separate individuals with a ; (semicolon). Example: Jin, D S; Ye, J
Author names enclosed in quotes will return only exact matches. For example, "Stephen Hawking" will not return matches for Stephen W. Hawking.
Diacritic character variants are automatically searched in the Author(s) field.
Queries with no punctuation will treat each term independently.
In the list of results, click on the arXive identification number [as: arXiv:1810.01847]
Look to the right for: References & Citations
Choose options:
INSPIRE HEP (refers to | cited by )
You will find articles citing the reference you chose

BioOne (Proquest)
Go to Advanced Search
Set field to Author Name
Search your author
Click on a title in the list of results of the search
Below the bibliographic information you will see a band of options
Click on CITED BY
You will see:
Google Scholar
View citing articles on Google Scholar
Click on View citing articles on Google Scholar to get the list of citations to your title
Additional records, either by the author or citing the author, also appear with links to CrossRef
Click on CrossRef
Search examples:
Phil J. Watson
heather s. birch
You can click on an author's name in a reference to retrieve additonal items by that author

Business Source Complete (EBSCO)
In the blue band at the top click on open the drop-down More menu
Select Cited Author:
* Same procedure as Academic Search

In the blue band at the top, go to More and use the drop-down menu
Select Cited References
* Same procedure as Academic Search

At the top left you will see Documents Authors Tables
click on Authors
In the search box type your author's name
Check the boxes Include Citations and Disambiguate
Click on the author you want
You will see a list of works and the times cited
Click on the title of a work to see what others have cited it
Search examples:
smith, linda
jenny saffran