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Data Visualization

This guide is meant to be a basic introduction to data visualization. Anyone is free to use it!

What Makes Life Meaningful? Interactive Data Visualization

In 2021, the Pew Research Center conducted a study of nearly 19,000 adults in 17 countries to find what people value in their lives. They asked participants: “What about your life do you currently find meaningful, fulfilling or satisfying? What keeps you going and why?”

Where does the IU  community find meaning? Participants at the Data Visualization Bazaar and First Thursday event contributed to an interactive data visualization that attempts to physically represent the original Pew study at the local level.

Learn more about the original study from the Pew Research Center, "What Makes Life Meaningful? Views from 17 Advanced Economies."Bubble chart that shows "Family is the top source of meaning in life in most of the publics surveyed."

Data Sculpture Exhibit

Data sculpture made of wicker and colorful balls.

January 21st – May 5th 2022

Wells Library Scholars' Commons (1st Floor, East Tower)

Data sculptures help people explore and understand data in a novel way. Moving beyond pie charts and bar graphs, artists create physical representations of data imbedded in creative ways- as part of jewelry, textiles, and more. This exhibit is curated by IU librarians and includes some examples crafted during a makerspace workshop, as well as photos of pieces featured in museums and books.

You are also welcome to pick up a handout when you visit so that you might try creating a data sculpture for yourself, either at home or with a visit to the Makerspace!

Data Visualization Bazaar

Data Visualization Bazaar. April 5, 2-7pm. Sciences Library. Chemistry 002.

April 5, 2022 | 2-7pm

Sciences Library

Discover the power and insight of data visualization (DataViz) through demos and hands-on activities led by experts from across IU’s campus.

Ready to see the world around you in a new way? If you’re new to DataViz, this is a great introduction to what is quickly becoming a vital part of our research and daily lives. And if you’re already familiar with DataViz, come explore the cutting-edge tools and methods that will shape the practice in the future.There will also be appearances from Pizza X and Baked!