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Women of Ukraine

Books (and other resources) by and about Ukrainian women.

Women's rights and gender studies in Ukraine


Author of the banner designer Mariya Chorna

Museum of Women's History, Women's and Gender History / Музей історії жіноцтва, історії жіночого та гендерного руху /Музей истории женщин, истории женского и гендерного движения  -- the first and only gender museum in Ukraine, in the post-Soviet space and in Eastern Europe.

The museum was established in Kharkiv (Ukraine) in 2008. Its purpose is to raise public awareness of women's and gender issues, promotion of cultural ties between Ukraine and other countries, consolidation of the international women's movement. The museum collects and preserves objects that demonstrate the process of gender construction and changes taking place in society.
The information about the museum can be found on several websites: Gender Museum's old website (still functioning, but is not renewed), virtual tour of the Museum. The new website of the Центр гендерної культури (Gender Culture Center) also contains information about the Museum and many useful resources on gender studies in Ukraine.


Сквозь стеклянный потолок. История женского музея в Харькове. Interview with Tatiana Isaeva, the founder of the Museum of Women's History, Women's and Gender History (in Russian).


Gender in Details / Гендер в деталях

undefined «Гендер в деталях» / Gender in Details is a Ukrainian-language online resource that includes a library and many other materials on gender. "Understanding gender means understanding yourself and the world in which you live. That is why the resource 'Gender in detail' was created. It is a place of education, self-realization, communication and exchange. We see 'Gender in Detail' as a meeting place on the verge of research and public dialogue, so we will deal with gender in different ways. There are many options for this."


“Invisible Battalion”

The “Invisible Battalion” / «Невидимий батальйон» global advocacy project began with researching and documenting the participation of Ukrainian women in the war against the Russian army of occupants.

Read online/ download in English or Ukrainian the book Invisible Battalion: Women's Participation in ATO Military Operations in Ukraine (Sociological Study). Authors/editors: Ganna Grytsenko, Anna Kvit and Tamara Martsenyuk. Kyiv, 2016.

In 2017 the project team made two documentaries about women at war: "The Invisible Battalion" and "There are no obvious manifestations."



Superfluous women : art, feminism, and revolution in twenty-first-century Ukraine [electronic resource] by Jessica Zychowicz. Toronto ; Buffalo ; London : University of Toronto Press, [2020].

FEMEN [electronic resource] by FEMEN ; with Galia Ackerman ; translated by Andrew Brown. Cambridge, UK ; Malden, MA : Polity Press, 2014.

Gender, politics, and society in Ukraine [electronic resource]. Edited by Olena Hankivsky and Anastasiya Salnykova. Toronto [Ont.] ; Buffalo: University of Toronto Press, 2012.

Mapping difference : the many faces of women in contemporary Ukraine [electronic resource]. Edited by Marian J. Rubchak. New York : Berghahn Books, 2011.

Women's social activism in the new Ukraine [electronic resource] : development and the politics of differentiation by Sarah D. Phillips. Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 2008.


New imaginaries : youthful reinvention of Ukraine's cultural paradigm. Edited and translated by Marian J. Rubchak. New York ; Oxford : Berghahn, 2015.

Peacebuilding with women in Ukraine : using narrative to envision a common future by Maureen P. Flaherty. Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, 2012.

Women in times of change, 1989-2009 : Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, East Germany and Ukraine. Editor Agnieszka Grzybek ; English editing Justyna Włodarczyk. Warsaw : Heinrich Böll Stiftung, 2009.

Feminizm by Solomiia Pavlychko. Kyïv : Vyd-vo Solomiï Pavlychko "Osnovy", 2002.

Women in Russia and Ukraine. Edited and translated by Rosalind Marsh. Cambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1996.

Feminists despite themselves : women in Ukrainian community life, 1884-1939 by Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak. Edmonton : Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta ; Downsview, Ont., Canada : Distributed by University of Toronto Press, 1988.


Turbota iak robota : materynstvo u fokusi sotsiolohiï = Childcare as work : a sociological perspective on mothering by Olena Strelʹnyk. Kyïv : Krytyka, 2017. 

Hender dlia vsikh : vyklyk stereotypam by Tamara Martseniuk. Kyïv : Vydavnitstvo "Osnovy", 2017.

     Other books by Tamara Martseniuk: 

     Insha optyka : genderni vyklyky suchasnosti. "Zbirnyk naukovykh pratsʹ na poshanu Solomiï Pavlychko". Edit. Vira Aheiva, Tamara Martseniuk. Kyïv : "Smoloskyp", 2019.

     Chomu ne varto boiatysia feminizmu by Tamara Martseniuk. Kyïv : Vydavnitstvo "Komora", 2018.


ZHinochi studiï v Ukraïni : zhinka v istoriï ta sʹohodni. Edited by Liudmyly Smoliar. Odesa : AstroPrynt, 1999.

Bilym po bilomu : zhinky v hromadsʹkomu zhytti Ukraïny, 1884-1939 by Marta Bohachevsʹka-Khomiak. Kyïv : "Lybidʹ, 1995.

Duma Ukraïny--zhinochoho rodu by Marta Bohachevsʹka-Khomiak. Kyïv : Vyd-vo "Voskresinnia", 1993.


Sotsialʹnoe vosproizvodstvo i gendernaia politika v Ukraine by Tatʹiana Zhurzhenko. Kharʹkov : Folio, 2001.

Femina postsovietica : ukrainskaia zhenshchina v perekhodnyĭ period : ot sotsialʹnykh dvizheniĭ k politike / pod redaktsieĭ Iriny Zherebkinoĭ. Kharʹkov : KhTSGI, 1999.