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GIMMS Toolkit: Food Studies

Comprehensive list of food studies research resources available from the Government Information, Maps & Microform Services (GIMMS) department at Indiana University Bloomington Libraries


Welcome to GIMMS

Government Information, Maps & Microform Services (GIMMS) is located on the second floor of Herman B Wells Library on the Indiana University Bloomington campus.  Included in GIMMS are local, state, and federal government information and data resources, the largest map collection in Indiana, GIS services, and microform services.

This guide brings together a comprehensive list of GIMMS resources regarding food studies, globally and domestically.

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Government Information & Data Resources

United States

Many agencies in the United States regulate and conduct research on food. Below are some introductory websites from several of them. Additionally, if you are interested in finding more information from a specific agency, you can include their name in the Author field of your database searches.

United States Department of Agriculture

United States Food and Drug Administration

United States Agency for International Development

International Organizations

International Organizations are groups like the United Nations that represent the cooperative interests of their member states.

United Nations

European Union

Maps & GIS Resources

Maps and GIS Resources

Microform Services

Why microforms?

Many of our materials are available on microform, sometimes only so.  Do not be afraid!  GIMMS equipment views and scans microfilm, microfiche, and microopaques. Images can be scanned in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP formats and saved to CD, flash drive, or any Internet file storage service. Scans can also be printed like any other document.



Selections from the Microform Collection

Our microform collections are, for the most part, cataloged, so you shouldn't need to seek them out specifically, but here's a small sampling of the kinds of things you might come across in your search.

Other Food Resources

General Food Resources

For non-governmental resources, see this list of databases, journals, and books. It was compiled by Theresa Quill for a "Geography of Food" course.

Food & Agriculture

Recommended Journals and websites

While Databases aggregate articles from many journals, sometimes going directly to a relevant journal is a good way to keep up on current literature and find articles. For each of these IUCAT (IU Libraries' catalog) records, you'll need to click on the [BLOOMINGTON] link to get access. 

A selection of ebooks

IU Libraries has many print books about Greek food and cooking. Below are a couple of recommended titles.