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HIST J400 Golden Ages in History

Written for Colin P. Elliott's course HIST J-400 Golden Ages in History, Spring 2020

Dissecting an Article Citation

Identifies different parts of a citation from a database.
From Yavapai College Library.

The Trouble with JSTOR

Those who rely on JSTOR to research their  papers may be missing out. For instance, JSTOR has less than 350 history journals, whereas America History and Life covers 1,700 journals and Historical Abstracts covers another 2,300. The IULink widget in any subject database will link you to the full text in JSTOR or any of the other full-text resources we own.

Finding Articles

There are countless databases dedicated to helping researchers find articles on any topic under the sun. Most of them have added features that you won't find in Google Scholar, such as controlled subject headings, filtering, and the ability to capture multiple citations at once. These databases are not free, so they are not accessible to Google's robot searchers. The IU Libraries provides them exclusively to IU staff, students, and faculty. make the most of them!

The box below lists several subject databases for finding secondary literature in history. Choose the one that matches your topic and period.

Secondary Source Databases in History