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HIST J400 Writing Feminist Histories

A guide for students in Prof. Sarah Knott's History J400: Writing Feminist Histories class

Finding Books

The main catalog of books at Indiana University is IUCAT. Watch the video below if you need help finding e-books in IUCAT. Note that materials in IUCAT may be primary sources or secondary sources!

Search IUCAT:

Primary Source Introduction

The sources below are just a few examples primary source collections available online. For more options, see this much longer list of primary source databases or click on the History Research Guide link below. Contact me if you need help.

The primary sources below are grouped according to the syllabus topics:

Week 2: Feminist historians... tell the history of feminism. Feminist historians... use, make and remake the archives.
Week 3: Feminist historians… bring forward marginalized voices and experiences
Week 4: Feminist historians… tell new intellectual histories, refusing to privilege white male western expertise
Also: Feminist historians… denaturalize topics once universalized as biological or transhistorical

The tabs below use a shortened version of each theme.

These focus on American history reach out to me if you are looking for marginalized voices from other cultures.


Secondary Source Introduction

Recall that you can find books in IUCAT (see above). Below are some places to search for articles in scholarly journals. There is also a tab for "background information," which is especially useful at the start of a research project or whenever you need to learn some basic information about a topic.

Look for a way to limit results to "scholarly articles" (it may also say "academic articles" or "peer-reviewed articles) to be sure you are looking at high-quality, academic articles.