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U700-Thinking through your Research Process

Research Resources

Art Theory

You can always do a basic keyword search for Art Theory, which provides over 14,000 results.  Sometimes doing this incombination with another term, like Feminist, will get you some good results.

Librarians use Subject Headings to categorize items in IUCAT. Using Subject Headings can help you find the types of books you are looking for. 

Here are some subject headings related to Art Theory:

Exhibition Catalogs

We'll use Subject Headings again when searching in IUCAT.  In the case of exhibition catalogs, here are a few strategies:

  • Type the artists' name, two dashes, and then the word "Exhibitions."

Kahlo, Frida.--Exhibitions.

  • Alternatively, you can search for a type of media in the same way:


  • Finally, there is the most general category:




Interdisciplinary Research Guides

Top Picks for Art Databases

More Databases

Getting started with Artstor:

The first step in using Artstor is registering for your account. You can do this from the home page of the database. Registering for an account is free through IU Libraries. Once you register for an Artstor account and you are logged in, you can:

  • Download images (including close-ups and snapshots of images)
  • Create image groups
  • Export images to PowerPoint

Artstor Highlights:

  • You can do a basic or advanced search. If you don't know what you are looking for, I highly recommend starting with a basic search and going from there.
  • You can create image groups (when logged in to your Artstor account) and create tags for your image group that make finding the group easier for others.
  • Artstor is in the process of being embedded into JSTOR. Searching for an image on JSTOR allows you to find scholarship related to the visuals you are looking for. You can either do a search in JSTOR or start with an Artstor search and choose the "Try this Search on JSTOR" which will appear in the upper right hand area of your Artstor search screen.

Artstor Resources: