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D168 Beginning Interior Architectural Design Studio


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Jackie Huddle
Subjects: Visual Literacy

Getting Started with Research

This guide will help you get started with research.  We will give you some general guidance on finding images, finding using sources that can be used in any research project, as well as some specific architecture and design sources. 

You will need a variety of sources to complete this project. Sources are informational materials on which research is based. 

Primary sources provide direct or first-hand evidence about a subject e.g. a diary, a contemporaneous newspaper report, an interview, or data collected from a survey. 

Secondary sources describe or analyze primary sources, including reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks), books and articles that interpret, review, or synthesize original research/fieldwork, or newspaper articles that review, provide an opinion or commentary on research, art, or current affairs.

You can incorporate sources in your work in many different ways (see Finding and Using Sources for Research).  Two of the most common ways are quoting and paraphrasing. Quoting is direct, word-for-word use of a passage from a source.  Paraphrasing is where you use your own words to restate the meaning of a passage from a source.

Whether you quote or paraphrase, you must cite your sources.  We provide specific guidance in the Citing Resources section of this guide.  If you do not provide a citation you can be guilty of plagiarism which is academic misconduct.  Use the Turn-it-in assignment in Canvas to check your work before submitting it, to ensure that there is no content in your work that can be viewed as plagiarism.

We also strongly recommend that you use Writing Tutorial Services to help you with writing your paper.


Get to know your librarians

What we can help with

  • Identifying resources (including books, articles, scales & measures, Open Access materials, etc.)
  • Purchasing or locating materials not currently in the collection
  • Brainstorm other ways of searching
  • Citation management support