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Kelley on Campus SU23: Aeroseal

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You can do a Factiva search that  will return a list of articles about IPOs in the renewable energy sector. You can also execute this search by going to Factiva, selecting search builder at the top and pasting this string:

ns=c1711 AND (in=irenewee or in=irenewf) and (NYSE or NASDAQ)

See the list of companies at the top of the left column, to quickly identify a list of company namesFor more information on publicly traded companies, including financials, search by name or ticker in Marketline or CapitalIQ, below.

Private Competitors

We can often pull a list of competitors by searching for companies with an industry code in common (like NAICS or SIC). However, there is no code that is well-aligned with Aeroseal's business, so your best best is to google for companies that provide similar services, then follow up as possible in our business article and news databases. Here is one such company similar to Aeroseal:

Industry Trends

A first step in many client cases is investigating the industry and the competition. However, the niche nature of Aeroseal's services make this less straightforward than if they were part of an established industry. The best you can do in this case is to look at closely related industries to understand at least some of the drivers, technologies and issues. 

Government Information

A number of government agencies and initiatives deal with energy efficient homes. Here are some places to look for information, or try this google search: net zero home

Various regulations, legislative actions and government initiatives are relevant to this case. Here are some sources for accessing  and understanding this information.

Marketing and Demographics

News and Article Databases

Article Search

Business Source Complete, EBSCO Management and GreenFILE are examples of literature databases. In databases like these, the language you use when searching matters more than you might think. Use the tips on the Effective Searching tab to improve your results.


For this concept Start with searches like
Sustainable (sustainab* or green or eco*)
Energy efficiency (energy and efficien*)
Net zero homes ("net zero" or "Zero Energy Ready" or ZERH) and (home or house or dwelling)
Retrofitting "retrofitting of buildings" 
Consumer psychology ("consumer attitudes" or "consumer behavior")
Marketing (marketing or advertising)


"retrofitting of buildings"  AND (sustainab* or green or eco*)

"retrofitting of buildings"  AND (energy and efficien*)

("net zero" or "Zero Energy Ready" or ZERH) AND (home or house or dwelling) AND ("consumer attitudes" or "consumer behavior")

Note: Not every combination of search terms will be useful, and these suggestions and examples are not exhaustive: You will need to come up with additional terms for other ideas you are interested in researching.

Doing multiple searches and looking at several pages of results is the key to success.