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K352 Urban Education Seminar

Getting Started

A great advantage of Internet access is the availability of information: but that is also a disadvantage. This guide will help you sort through the overwhelming amount of information available.

The two tabs located on left will help you find information for your topics

Find Articles will direct you to Peer-Reviewed Articles.

News will direct you to (you guessed it) News Articles.

Search Terms

When using resources in the Find Articles tab you will need to think critically. The ERIC database specifically focuses on education. Therefore, if your topic is "Urban Education and School Nutrition" try using just "urban and nutrition." Since ERIC is specific you will not need use terms like Education or School. 

Evaluating Information from the Internet at large

As teachers you will often have to use the Internet to find general information, this can often be challenging and requires you to be very critical.

1. About Us: can you find a section of the website that details what the website is about and who creates it? This is especially important when finding information from a ".org"

2. Advertisements: This is not an indicator of a good or bad site either way, but consider the number of advertisements as well as "sponsored" content. Sponsored Content are usually links meant to drive the user to purchase something.