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Getting Started

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In the IUB Libraries, we understand many ways of knowing. From lived experience to scholarly understanding, our libraries and librarians support many different end goals of higher education, and our collections represent a diversity of community and ideas, emphasizing discovery and the search for truth. Whether the goal is to complete a bachelor's degree, to go to graduate school, to work in academia, or simply to gain the knowledge to critically engage with information in confusing times, the IUB Libraries is here to magnify efforts to propel students towards their goals. 


IU Libraries welcomes the opportunity to start freshmen students on the path towards successful research and inquiry. If you are interested in working with the Libraries to incorporate synchronous or asynchronous instruction into your course you may email

Recommended Freshmen Research Skills



The average freshmen student will have limited or no experience with academic databases. Regardless of their chosen subject focus, all freshmen will benefit from understanding:

  • Common features of databases
  • Evaluating information credibility, authority, bias, and utility
  • The definitions of common academic jargon such as peer review
  • The strengths and weaknesses of various search strategies and databases