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Native American History Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Citing sources

According to Wikipedia, citations for World Wide Web pages typically include the following list below.  *Caveat:*  you may not be able to determine all of the information below, but if you are fairly certain you're using a reputable source, include as much of the information below as you can:

  • URL of the webpage
  • name of the author(s)
  • title of the article within quotation marks
  • name of the website
  • date of the website's publication
  • page number(s) (if applicable)
  • the date you retrieved (or accessed) the webpage (required if the publication date is unknown)

Primary sources include the following:

  • photographs
  • historical documents such as a diary, census, video or transcript of surveillance, a public hearing, trial, or interviews
  • tabulated results of surveys or questionnaires
  • written or recorded records of laboratory assays or observations
  • written or recorded records of field observations
  • artistic and fictional works such as poems, scripts, screenplays, novels, motion pictures, videos, and television programs

Most often, primary sources used in Wikipedia are a form of illustration. They illustrate what reliable secondary and tertiary sources learn about the discussed topic. Illustrations are a valid part of any encyclopedia, but should not outdo the content based on secondary or tertiary sources.

[Text adapted from Wikipedia's Use of primary sources in Wikipedia.]