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SOAD D323 Design History III

Art, Architecture, and Design Librarian

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Sarah Carter
Wells Library
East Tower
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Strategies for Finding Images

You will need to use multiple search strategies to find images of a designer's work.  Most of us are used to doing a quick Google search for images that we need.  However, when doing academic research, we have many resources that will provide better results.  The research process can take longer, especially when you're just getting started.  However, using images from library resources results in higher quality research.  Images from library sources are better labeled, have true color representation, and are taken by professionals.

Research Tools

There are three major recommended research tools for finding images of architecture and interiors. The table below shows the differences between IUCAT, ARTstor, and Article Databases.

Where to Search for Images

  What's there Why use it
IUCAT Books, journals, maps, etc. already at IU (both physical copies and e-resources). Usually books cover broad topics. Many art books have images or illustrations of interiors and architecture that can't be found using internet search engines
ARTstor High-reolution images of artwork and cultural objects, including architecture and interiors. Immediate access to well-labeled, accurate images for educational purposes
Article Databases Individual articles written by specialists on a particular topics. Articles often focus in on a partricular house or designer; they also use images to illustrate their point.