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The Comfort Cabinet at Indiana University

Resources for students experiencing housing insecurity.

The Comfort Cabinet at Indiana University

The Comfort Cabinet is a resource designed to support students who experience homelessness and housing insecurity. Following the policy of "take what you need, no questions asked" students are welcome to visit the cabinet and take any personal hygiene or schools supplies provided in the drawers of the cabinet. In addition to taking some small items, students are encouraged to explore the organizations featured on this research guide and in the promotional material in the cabinet. There is a wide variety of support both at Indiana University and in the Bloomington community for students who are experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. From legal counseling to rent controlled housing to locations of local food pantries, there are organizations designed to support your educational journey. Explore the "Indiana University Organizations" and "Bloomington, IN Organizations" pages to learn more about the support systems at Indiana University and in Bloomington IN organizations designed to promote housing security.


If you would like to assist students at Indiana University who experience housing insecurity, please consider donating items to the blue box in the bottom level of the Comfort Cabinet. A list of Requested Items can be found on the "Donate Today" page of this guide.

Finding The Comfort Cabinet

The Comfort Cabinet at Indiana University is located in the hallway near the 2nd floor restrooms of the Wells Library West Tower. This tower is open 24/7.

Picture of The Comfort Cabinet

The Story of the Comfort Cabinet

The Comfort Cabinet was created as a part of Thi Lettner's 2022 E. Lingle Craig Fellowship Project. The resources provided within this guide and the cabinet was created always ever for the students of IU in mind. Interviews with IUB students who experience homelessness and organizations both at IU and in Bloomington help create this resource that takes a modest step to creating a space in the library that is truly for anyone.


Message from the creator:

"This project could not have been completed without the help of my mentors; Leanne Nay, Anna Marie Johnson, Misti Shaw, and Davy McDonald. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom, and unwavering support. To the organizations that met with me, I am grateful for your time and am constantly inspired by the tireless work your organizations do to support the community. To students, I am with you, and I encourage you to seek help somewhere, somehow. We shall persist." - t